Concord, NH —

In search of reassurance after a recent break up, 32-year-old Ashley Ryan took a deep breath and stepped through the sliding doors of the expansive home improvement retailer Home Depot on Saturday afternoon.

Unsure of herself, Ashley nervously explained, “In my twenties I couldn’t make it past the first aisle, but the last few times I’ve gotten down to aisle five before anyone stopped me. I mean, I know it’s not like getting all the way to lumber, but… Ugh, I swear I would literally die if that happened.”

Armed with fresh highlights and a slightly revealing v-neck, Ashley began to make her way past interior lighting toward the kitchen showroom. Just as the plumbing aisle came into view, she was greeted by a graying middle-aged man cloaked in bright orange. “Can I help you find something, hun?” Feigning slight annoyance, Ashley stated she’s “just looking” and sauntered back toward the registers.

“Aisle three,” she grinned with renewed confidence. Citing the time she’s recently put in on the elliptical at the gym, Ashley proclaimed “Yep, still got it.”

By Kendra Coleman, Image Edit: Andrew Froese

Image by Scott Lewis / CC BY 2.0