Harrisburg, PA —

The spirit of Maureen Franklin haunted the house at 1109 Oak Street for more than 40 years. Mrs. Franklin moved into the house with her husband in 1924. She always said she would never move. Although the Franklins could afford a nicer house years down the road, she was happy with her home. She loved being in a white Christian neighborhood.

After her husband died in a tragic fire accident while lighting a cross on his neighbor’s lawn, Maureen continued living in the house until her death there in 1976. She loved the house so much, even her soul seemed content to stay.

The man who bought the house after Franklin’s death said her ghost did not bother him. Other families lived in the house since without having any problems either. However, last month the house was sold again, this time to Thomas Smith, a gay black man, and his Korean boyfriend, Matt Lee, who moved in Tuesday. By Thursday afternoon, the ghost of Mrs. Franklin had seen enough sodomy that she floated out the front door saying she would not be back.

By Ethan Moore, Image Edit: Paul Klingle

7 thoughts on “Bigot Ghost Moves Out After House Bought By Interracial Gay Couple

  1. Snort Snort i dont what is funnier the story or those having to point out it’s fake..

  2. The picture doesn’t match the story. This house is a few miles from the Canadian border in the wilderness in Pittsburg, NH.

  3. The house in this picture is in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. And this is the dumbest story I’ve ever seen.