Charleston, SC —

While grabbing a couple of drinks after work, the accounting department of Milton and Sons got an earful from longtime employee, Martin Milton. Fellow employees were having a friendly conversation about football and beer, when it was reported that something seemed to have snapped inside Milton.

“I don’t know, maybe it was the talk about our favorite quarterbacks that led him to thinking about the National Anthem, but the conversation definitely took a wrong turn,” reported Sheelah Toms from Accounts Payable.

Milton told colleagues that he certainly does not have a problem with African Americans, but that they do not seem to know how to act or the price that was paid for their freedom. “Look, not to sound racist or anything. Hell, I have a black friend. Mark. You guys know Mark, but come on,” Milton went on to say.

Our staff reached out to Mark for comment. When asked about his friendship with Milton he said, “Milton. Is that the guy with the beard?” We have yet to follow up with Milton to get to the bottom of what he meant when he said that he misses the good ol’ days.

By Emily Sanchez