Fort Worth, TX —

This just in: the cashier at the grocery store that you’ve never met before just worked the last 8 days in a row. Well, she had Mother’s Day off, but it was crappy out so that doesn’t really count. She has to work through the weekend but she does have Tuesday off. She’s going to go out for Chinese food with her friend Tina because neither of them are dating anybody right now. Her kids are going to the zoo tomorrow because her ex-husband’s company is having an outing there. However, her ex-husband is not taking the children because he has a prior commitment, so her brother is going to be taking them. That’s cool with her because her ex is kind of boring and her brother kind of acts like a kid himself. Did you know that her brother is 32 and has no kids? He’s not even dating anybody right now and that’s kind of a shame because she’d really like to see him meet the perfect woman and settle down. Apparently his best friend has been divorced 4 times and she thinks that’s where her brother’s fear of commitment comes from. The best friend did get to keep the house in this last divorce though, so that’s kind of nice. He’s probably better off with no kids, though, rather than end up with a screw up like her stepson. He’s in jail. Again. After everything his grandmother has done for him, taking him in after the last time he got out. Yet all he does is continue to make bad choices and run with the wrong crowd. He doesn’t realize the strain that this puts on her whole family. The stress of which is causing her gout to flare up, so now she will have to watch what she eats when she goes out for Chinese with Tina on Tuesday.

By CarolAnn Liebelt, Image Edit: Andrew Froese

Images by Jobs For Felons Hub and Pauline Osse / CC BY 2.0