Philadelphia, PA —

Evan Freeman never smoked cigarettes before his son was born. But soon after his wife gave birth to the boy, he bought his first pack. “I always hated cigarette smoke,” Freeman said. “I didn’t give in to peer pressure when I was younger so I never tried smoking,”
continued the 33-year-old financial adviser after lighting up a Kool. “I had to start after the kid was a couple months old though. I figured it was the best thing I could do,” he said after coughing up some lung butter. “I don’t even like it. And sometimes it will make me nauseous. But it is something that I have to do.”

Freeman went on to explain that he had to smoke cigarettes so he would always be able to use “going for a pack of smokes” as an excuse to leave the house.

“I might need to just get out of the house for a few minutes. Or if I was having an affair with one of the wife’s friends. Saying I need to go to the store for cigarettes doesn’t sound suspicious at all,” he said as he was brushing ashes off his shirt. “More than likely I will just want to leave and never come back. Could be next week. Could be next year. But the last words my family will hear from me is that I need smokes and will be right back.”

By Ethan Moore, Image Edit: Andrew Froese

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