Piscataway, NJ —

Calling it one of the greatest advances in firearms safety in fifty years, today the American Standard Company announced it will begin production of a new lock capable of locking workers out of any firearms manufacturing plant.

“By simply sliding the shackle of American Standard’s NoGun through the door handles of each entrance to a gun manufacturing facility, latching the shackle to the padlock body, and destroying the key, anyone can now prevent hundreds of employees from reaching their drill presses, lathes, and boring machines, and thousands of guns from reaching the general public,” said a spokeswoman for the company. “This deceptively simple device literally tackles the firearms safety problem lock, stock, and barrel,” the spokeswoman added.

In a press release, American Standard pointed out that the NoGun would be equally effective at locking NRA lobbyists inside their Washington headquarters to prevent them from mingling with legislators.

By Joe Lichtblau

Image By Ken Grainger / CC BY 2.0