Annapolis, MD —

Local mom, Julie Hayes, wandered over to the purse department of Macy’s, entranced by the hand crafted designer bag she’s had her eye on for months.

“I wouldn’t normally spend so much money, but sometimes you have to do something nice for yourself,” she asserted. Gliding her fingers across the creamy calfskin satchel, the 36 year old mother of three proclaimed, “I deserve this.”

“Besides,” she continued, “It’s flawless! This thing has so much room inside I could easily fit an entire Lego City Police Mobile Command Center and still have room for a few Duplos for the baby. And these interior pockets could not be better designed. They’ll make perfect little garages for my Brayden’s hot wheels, not to mention the black lining will provide nice contrast against Bella’s melted crayons.”

When reached for follow up that evening, Hayes reaffirmed she had made the right choice with her purchase, excitedly noting she could barely even see the fruit punch stain caused by a loosely topped sippy cup on the way home from the mall.

By Kendra Coleman, Image Edit: Dani Siddle