Pittsburgh, PA —

After being told his whole life that he could not reinvent the wheel, a man named Aaron Tollis decided to give it a shot. After more than two weeks in his garage, he did it.

“I pretty much had to forget everything I knew about wheels. The shape was definitely the hardest part,” Tollis said. “Eventually I couldn’t remember so I started working. My first attempt was square. It didn’t work at all. Then I tried triangles, diamonds, even a pentagon. But once I thought of a circle, it all started to come together.”

Currently, Tollis has not yet found many uses for his wheel. “I’ve spent some time driving around in my car trying to think of different things to do with it.” he said. “I have also been thinking while riding my bike and skateboard, taking the baby for walks in her stroller, mowing the lawn, and watching my pet hamster run in his spinning thingy. But all I can think of so far is to just roll it down hills for fun.”

By Ethan Moore, Image Edit: Andrew Froese

Image by Jorge Royan / CC BY 3.0