Washington, D.C. —

People from all corners of the United States have been reacting to the now-viral video of a group of boys in MAGA hats from Covington Catholic High School, in Covington, Kentucky, surrounding and mocking Native American leader Nathan Phillips at the Indigenous Peoples’ March in Washington, D.C. last Friday. After centuries of contentious Indigenous land issues, public outrage has finally ensued over the invasion of Native Americans’ space.

“This is not the America I know,” said D.C. resident Josiah Hughes. “It’s just unheard of in America — white people physically invading a Native American’s space like that.”

Steve Toews, a fourth-generation American, expressed strong agreement with that sentiment: “White people confronting our Native predecessors and pushing them around in such an aggressive, self-serving manner is shocking. It’s simply un-American,” said Toews. “Frankly, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it,” he added.

Ryan Dyck, a self-proclaimed history buff from Englewood, New Jersey, also expressed outrage over the video. “We cannot tolerate this kind of treatment towards Indigenous people. They’ve never experienced this kind of treatment and, if we allow it, who knows what kind of atrocities these natives will suffer in the future?” Dyck added, “People across social media have shown their dismay, which proves this is the breaking point. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this landmark case. I pray that incidents like what’s shown in this video will not be a case of history repeating itself.”

By Andrew Froese and Joe Lichtblau