“It’s only February and the number of people raped and murdered by asylum seekers is already so huge, you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you how many. You know how many? 330 million people. Every single American is gone and the Democrats and fake news are sitting there ignoring it.” – Donald Trump on Tuesday, February 5th 2019 during SOTU Address

The President has been making headlines, first with his unfounded statements about the number of undocumented immigrants in this country and the amount of money they cost the federal government, and more recently, with his claim that every single American has already died at the hands of foreigners.

While we were able to find some statistics showing that undocumented immigrants are responsible for up to 5.4% of homicide convictions in certain states, we were unable to account for the remaining 329 million people who, at the time of writing, have not been murdered. Indeed, you, yourself, may be alive right now, and you may know somebody who is also still alive.

Additionally, the following quote from Trump’s speech contained several inconsistencies: “My fellow Americans, I realize none of you are around to hear me anymore because you’ve all been raped and murdered, but I’m still going to deliver this address because a woman (if you can call her that – she’s not even a 4 where she’s from) tried to tell me I couldn’t.”

Our dedicated team discovered special camera techniques that were able to reveal that many people in the audience were, in fact, alive and presumably not molested. However, we will give Trump credit that he correctly referred to immigrants as “undocumented” and “asylum seekers,” rather than simply “illegals” and “animals.” For that reason, we rate this claim:

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Mostly False