Crafton, PA —

A hamster that has been suffering from depression will soon have a new friend. Mr. Fuzzy, the rodent owned by Larry and Elizabeth Pearson, has not been himself for the past few months.

“He used to love running in his wheel, but he barely touches it anymore,” said Mrs. Pearson. “And the last time I put him in his ball he kept trying to roll it down the basement steps.” The couple decided that Mr. Fuzzy needed something to keep him company, and plan to get him a human for emotional support.

“We have some friends who got a dog for their child suffering from terrible anxiety and it helped,” Mr. Pearson explained. “So we are going to do the same for our baby. And because it might be dangerous to get another animal, we are going to get him a human.” The couple has already made some necessary adjustments for their tiny fur baby’s new friend. “We set up a little sleeping area next to Mr. Fuzzy’s cage. We already bought a leash and some treats,” said the excited hamster mom. “We figure we can feed it scraps and leftovers. And the water bottle in the cage is pretty big so they should be able to share if we fill it once a day.”

At press time, the Pearsons reported that the two are off to a great start, though the adjustment period has been, at times, hard to watch.

By Ethan Moore, Photo Edit: Emily Sanchez