Houston, TX —

Overwhelmed by the sound of sirens wailing louder and louder, Michelle Gonzalez told police, “I swear, I couldn’t tell where all those sirens were coming from, so I just kind of froze.” Observers noted she could not have done a better job blocking them in if she tried. An ambulance and two police cars were on their way to the scene of an accident with one reported fatality and three serious injuries when they were blocked in by Gonzalez.

Paramedic Jennifer Osaka told officials that the entire route was made clear by drivers who quickly pulled over when they heard the sirens and spotted the flashing lights, until they came across Gonzalez’s vehicle. “We could tell that she did not know what to do. It’s like she had no freaking idea that we were all directly behind her,” Osaka stated.
Other drivers attempted to honk their horns to get the attention of Gonzalez. One witness reported he even played the “Good Samaritan” by sticking his head out of his window to shout, “Move! You’re why women shouldn’t drive!” Finally, Gonzalez snapped to and slowly pulled her vehicle slightly into the intersection to make room for the first responders. As of press time, one more of the injured persons died due to the delay of care, bringing the total fatalities to two.

By Emily Sanchez