Charleston, NC —

When Pam Edwards asked her friend Nina Miller how her baby’s birth went, it induced sixteen long hours of agonizing details. “It went on forever and was excruciating,” said Edwards. “I felt I needed drugs to stop the pain.”

Sweating and writhing through Miller’s story, this was a momentous day Edwards would never forget. “I knew at the end of it all, there would be new life in my bond with Nina. During those hours of misery and anguish, though, you really question if it’s all worth it,” she said. “I wondered if my listening skills would be tested and stretched to the point of no recovery.”

Edwards said she slept for an entire day after the ordeal. “It was high-risk to begin with, at my age, expecting that I could withstand a story like that. And my husband – he was there, and I was clutching his arm the whole time, but how much help could he really be? He got me into this whole mess in the first place by saying it had been so long since we… you know… invited Nina over. Next thing you know, I’m screaming into a pillow, begging for this to end.” The experience was nothing short of life-changing, Edwards confirmed, because she has decided never to ask anyone a question again.

By Holly Love, Image Edit: Emily Sanchez