Chester, WV —

A local police officer with the Chester Police Department has been placed on administrative leave for the eighth time since joining the force in May of 2013. All eight times have been as a result of shooting unarmed citizens.

Eugene Wayne Hill, 34, has been an officer for 8 years. Earlier this month, Hill was accused of using excessive force on 73-year-old Anita Winters, a volunteer librarian, during a routine traffic stop. Winters was initially stopped for having a faulty brake light. From her hospital bed following a second surgery yesterday, Winters claimed that when she reached for her purse to retrieve her driver’s license as so directed, Hill opened her car door, threw her to the ground, tazed her, and then kicked her at least a dozen times before pulling his gun. He then shot her in the back while she was bleeding on the ground.

Hill argued that this was not how the events unfolded. The 6’2” 265 pound man said he feared for his life, and that Winters was a dangerous criminal. In an interview earlier today, Hill told his side of the situation. “That thug could have and would have killed me if she had the chance,” he said of Winters. “A lot of blacks don’t like the police.” When asked to explain the second part of his comment because Winters is actually Asian, Hill said, “And this isn’t the first time this has happened. And it’s proof that I ain’t no racist. I can’t be because I don’t see race. She’s Asian? I didn’t even notice. You have to be ready for anything. A lot of cops get in trouble for using excessive force on unarmed black people,” he continued, “but I don’t see race so I’ll shoot anyone. They may as well all be black.” At press time, Hill is out on paid leave, pending investigation.

By Ethan Moore

14 thoughts on “Cop That ‘Doesn’t See Race’ Just Shoots Everyone

  1. I hope his luck runs out and somebody puts the POS down for good!

  2. He should be fired ! Arrested for assault w/a deadly weapon w/ intent to kill ( gun), assault w/intent to kill (6’2″ , 265 # 34 yr. male ) VS. a 73 yr. Female by kicking her.
    ( SICK ).and charge him with a hate crime ! And he should have to pay all her hospital bills ! Plus give her a settlement for pain and suffering ! I hope he gets 2 life sentences for assault (s) ! Plus max. for the hate crime !!!

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