Sacramento, CA —

Lauded by his close circle of friends, local man Kyle Woodman decided to stay home tonight in an effort to give his wife a break from their two young children. Having gone out the past three nights, Woodman sensed his wife’s irritation as he told her he was going to go hang out at David’s house to play some video games when she said, “Fine. Do whatever you want. I don’t care.” 

Woodman immediately told wife, Jenny, that he would be happy to babysit Hunter, 2, and Jaimie, 8 months, as long as she left dinner for them. “I told her I’d babysit. I hope she sees how big of a deal that is. Sometimes, men have to step up and let the wife have her fun,” Woodman stated. At press time, Woodman is hoping Jaimie’s diaper will last until his wife returns. “It says 12 lbs on it, and there’s no way she weighs more than that.”

By Emily Sanchez