No clean dishes? No problem! Here are some handy suggestions to work around that tiny speed bump in your dinner plans. 

Serve lasagna in a frisbee. If you don’t own a frisbee, you can usually find them for free in the bushes at your local park. Does driving all the way to the park to scavenge frisbees sound like an excessive amount of work? Look at that stack of plates in your sink and tell me which feels like the bigger chore right now.

Enjoy a Champagne flute of hearty clam chowder. You haven’t touched those things since New Year’s Eve. Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, these are perfect for portion control. Unfortunately, there are no clean spoons so you’ll have to use chopsticks.

Grab a Yahtzee tumbler of chunky beef stew.Perfect for a lady on the go!

Slam a single shot of espresso from that dusty old punch bowl. Where did this thing even come from?

Chow down on some ramen from your Christmas tree stand.The best part is that it holds an absolute fuck-load of ramen. What’s the best kind of ramen? A fuck-load. That’s what.

Slurp some Rice Krispies from your roommate’s cupped palms.“What’s gonna work? Team work!” -The Wonder Pets

Relax with a good book and a Neti Pot of hot cocoa.Always make hot cocoa using distilled water to reduce the risk of brain-eating amoebas. 

Brew a single cup of coffee by poking holes in your Diva Cup. Simply fill with ground coffee and run hot water through it. So much better for the environment than those tiny coffee pods!

Have a handy life hack that gets you out of doing household chores? Share it in the comments. Bon appetit!

By CarolAnn Liebelt, Image Edit: Emily Sanchez