Camden, NJ —

Spokesman for Subaru of America (SOA) announced today that the 2020 Forester will come fully loaded with all members of Dave Matthews Band. 

“We value our customers and want to make owning and driving a Subaru one of the best experiences of their lives,” reported the spokesman. He added, “We take great pride in working hard to meet the needs of our customers and noticed it’s nearly impossible to find a Forester without a Dave Matthews Band decal on it, so why not kick things up a notch and offer the entire band with our 2020 Foresters? Customers can even upgrade to include Dave Matthews Band *and* Tim Reynolds for about $4,500 more. What a sweet deal!”

He continued, “Our drivers live extremely busy lives — working, hiking with their dogs, running marathons, making multiple trips to Whole Foods each week, and juicing loads of celery, so our Marketing department had the brilliant idea of adding the band to the vehicle straight from the manufacturer! This will save our customers time rifling through their collection of Dave Matthews Band songs to find that ‘perfect’ song that fits their mood. They can just request it directly from the band…. a live concert on the way to their destination! Drivers are still getting all the amazing features of the Forester that they’ve come to love but now with their favorite band. We’re going to ‘Crush’ it in sales! The DMB 2019 tour wraps up just in time for the new fall line of new Foresters, so buyers are encouraged to act fast.”

After the conference, the spokesman informed us Subaru was considering adding a dog and Whole Foods gift card with each 2021 Forester.

By Catricia, Photo Edit: Emily Sanchez