Minneapolis, MN –

When 42-year-old Jeff Donovan had to alphabetize some folders at his new job last month, a sober reality kicked in. “There I was, holding the Graynor and Jacobi files,” said Donovan, “and I had to say the letters real quick to be sure of the order.” He also reported employing his fingers in this endeavor, where A was his thumb, B was his forefinger, and so on.

“I mean, it’s not like I don’t actually know the alphabet,” said Donovan with a dismissive, awkward chuckle. “I think there are certain pairs of letters – some – that everyone has to stop and think about for a second before being able to tell which comes first. I even know people who have to sing the whole alphabet song just to figure out if W comes before or after Y.”

Donovan stated he believes that many people, when facing the challenge of alphabetizing, recite letters quietly in order to avoid embarrassment. “But there should be no stigma,” he said. The clerical worker was last heard saying “L-M-N-O-P” before putting the N folder before M anyway.

By Holly Love