Raleigh, NC —

Before the morning strategy meeting wrapped up, Tad Davis, the boss’s son, seized the opportunity to explain to female staff members how far they have come, and why this day is so important. “Guys, everyone looks so serious. You all should be smiling! Do you even realize it’s International Women’s Day?” he questioned, sipping the Keurig coffee his dad’s assistant made for him when he said he did not know how to use the machine. “Just think about how crazy it is that there was a time in history where men didn’t think the ladies should even have real jobs. And the ones who did work usually got sexually harassed by their bosses. I mean, my grandpa had a second family, but I can’t even get one of you to come check out my band. Heck — some of you even make more money than I do. Society has come so far, you probably don’t even realize how good you have it,” Davis continued, “I mean — women just got the right to vote in 1920. Anyways, I like working with you all, and I just wanted you to be aware of how big of a day it is, and let you know I appreciate how nicely you all work together.”

As staffers began to file out of the room, Davis asked project manager Shelby Jones to help him make copies of his band’s flyer because he “just can’t do it as good as she can.”

By Emily Sanchez