By Susan Oswald

Donald Glover is an American actor, writer, singer, director, producer, and stand-up comedian. He got his start writing for the show 30 Rock when he was just 23. Unlike me, who at 23 still didn’t have a driver’s license or my own bank account.

Later, Glover went on to star as Troy on the hit television show Community. He won the hearts of the American people with his on-screen bromance with Abed, played by actor Danny Pudi. My best friend was my golden retriever mix, Boomer. He ran away six years ago.

Donny G has won many awards for his show Atlanta, including several Emmys and a Golden Globe. One time in second grade, I almost won student of the month. The teacher chose to give it to Daisy Parker, but I could tell that I was a close second. Man, how I would have shined while accepting that award in front of the whole class. If only Daisy hadn’t existed. I think about this a lot.

If you think we’ve covered the entirety of Donald Glover’s talents and skills, you would be wrong. This guy has also seen success with his standup comedy special Weirdo on Netflix, and has suddenly taken the world by storm with his music, earning him a Grammy and a spot on Time Magazine’s list of most influential people in the world. I mean, this guy can do it all! One time I made coleslaw without a recipe for a family barbecue, and when it was time to leave I found that like half the bowl had been eaten. So I guess I’m pretty good at making coleslaw. Another thing that I’m pretty good at is doing tricks with those little finger skateboards.

In conclusion, and in summary, Donald Glover only continues to get better at everything, and I only left my house twice this month. Thanks for reading, and if anyone sees a golden retriever mix in the area of the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland, please email me.

By CarolAnn Liebelt