New York, NY —

Although Ryan Nicholson has considered himself an ally of the LGBTQ community for several years, only in the last few weeks has he demonstrated support for his gay friends with actual acts of solidarity.

Nicholson’s closer alliance with the queer world began three weekends ago, when he allowed several of his closest gay friends to give him an impromptu Prince Albert, clamp his nipples, chain him to a steel harness, then paddle his naked butt cheeks to a deep, scaly red with wooden planks.

The following weekend, Nicholson showed his continuing support for the gay cause by volunteering to bend over while a leather daddy and a bear, both coincidentally named Ed, took turns pounding his helpless asshole for what seemed like eternity, but was really only about three hours.

This past weekend, however, Nicholson went all-in on the solidarity, when he was thrown naked, except for ankle high white socks, into a dimly lit back room with twenty-two men for an entire night. There, the crowd regaled Nicholson with much-beloved slogans of the gay movement, such as “suck this, you little faggot bitch,” while dragging Nicholson by his hair around the room to have engorged cock after cock shoved, pushed, and jammed into his gagging, O-shaped mouth.

The rally only ended fourteen hours later, with an exhausted and cum-slathered Nicholson kicked into a corner, where he lay splayed, a thick gob of jizz welling up over his near paralyzed lips, while a few random men idly pumped their third or fourth wad into his disheveled, semen-soaked hair, “just because we feel like it.”

Nicholson’s ever-growing circle of gay male friends say that, while Nicholson has definitely progressed up the ladder from mere “friend of the community,” it will take several dozen more events like the last three weekends until he is truly seen as a “trusted ally of the LGBTQ movement.”

By Joe Lichtblau