By Ethan Moore

10 thoughts on “Starship In Legal Trouble For Not Having Permits To Build City On Rock And Roll

  1. Unfortunately it’s true. I also heard the fire marshal may shut them down completely due to a history of 40 year old code violations. So sad.

  2. i get it….so now ,. we’re all knee deep in this hooplah…
    🤟🏻 😎 👍🏻

  3. Really, just a headline and no parody story? I really wish I could have a paying job writing for a parody site. I love to write. I love humor. You can ask any of my classmates that I have always been the writer and when it came to group assignments that could be fun, I always wrote parody stuff.

    I made my classmate laugh in news production class and he had to try to keep serious enough as the news anchor.

    He managed, but laughed afterwards.

    1. Right then let’s see you write a story for this headline. Look forward to it!