There are certain parts of life that are unavoidable. Everyone is born; everyone pays taxes; everyone you know and love, will also, at some point, diet. Once you come to terms with its inevitability, the question we all have to ask ourselves is: what can we do to better prepare ourselves when someone we know eventually diets?

If you have kids, there will come a time when a child will need to be sat down and told for the first time about a beloved family member who has recently dieted. You don’t necessarily need to go right into the specifics of this loss of weight. Your child is likely trying to process their feelings first. You can simply tell your child that dieting is a part of life. You can also make a simple diagram which shows the roads that lead to someone dieting. Your child may ask what happens after we diet, and there’s no right answer. We all have our beliefs, and believing that dieting is the end of the person you once knew is as valid as believing life takes a new, slimmer form.

What about when it’s your turn to diet but you’re not ready? Do you go gracefully toward the light diet? Is it better to burn out those calories than fade away? No one can make that healthy choice for you. The more prepared you and your meal planning are, the easier it is when it’s your time to go to Weight Watchers.

By Andrew Froese