Phoenix, AZ —

Robbie Taylor was extremely concerned when his mom told him his grandfather suffered a stroke and was in the hospital. Being that his grandpa lived in a different state and Robbie’s family didn’t have the financial means to visit his Grandpa Jim in the hospital, this created even more worry for the 17-year-old.

“I was distraught when my mom told me about my Grandpa Jim. I guess should’ve known something was wrong with him when I didn’t see him post anything racist on Facebook for over two hours.” Robbie continued, “He’s getting up there in years – he’s 81 now and I’d be devastated if I never saw him again, despite our political differences. He’s always been special to me. I even checked to see if he unfriended me, since we argue frequently about his racist shitposting and he often refers to me as ‘that goddamned liberal grandson of mine,’ or maybe he deactivated, but no. His account was still active.”

“We’ve been trying to call the hospital all week to talk with the doctors and get updates on Grandpa’s progress but we just keep having to leave messages. He could be dead for all we know,” Robbie sighed heavily.

“This is a very stressful time for our family,” Robbie said as he scrolled through Facebook on his phone. “I wish we knew how he was doing. My Mom is talking about borrowing money so she can… Oh, hold up. Wait a minute.” Robbie paused as he looked intensely at his phone, his expression going from concern to outrage. “Well, never mind. Jesus Christ, Grandpa! The wall is a dumb fucking idea! I can’t believe he just posted we need to ‘build a wall to keep all those dirty beaners out of our country, MAGA!’ OH MY GOD there’s another! He shared a meme depicting Michelle Obama as a gorilla. What the fuck Grandpa, she hasn’t been First Lady for like two years. Well, he’s out of the hospital and feeling better and even more racist than ever, which is a relief, I guess. I don’t really fucking know anymore.”

By Catricia