Huntsville, AL —

Referring to her relationship as a “star-crossed lovers situation,” math teacher Katherine Waltham has been eviscerated by her peers and community for preying on 14-year-old Ryan Huntsman. “We are in love,” Waltham told Huntsman’s parents. “And he’s not in my class this year; I only had him last year for 7th grade pre-Algebra. So this isn’t even impacting his grade.”

When asked how this all started, Huntsman told his principal, “Have you seen her? That’s how this started.” Therapists have been meeting with Huntsman to help him process that he is, indeed, Mrs. Waltham’s victim. “You guys just don’t understand. We didn’t even go that far last year. But when I told her I had turned 14 over the summer, that’s when it got so good. Her husband isn’t even that nice to her.”

Neither the victim nor the perpetrator have acknowledged any kind of wrong-doing. “Oh, we’re for sure guilty, but I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If I taught high school instead of middle school, you all probably wouldn’t even care at all. So what if he can’t even drive yet? I always pick him up, and his mom usually takes him home.”

We reached out to Waltham’s son and classmate of Huntsman, but his response was virtually inaudible through his tears.

By Emily Cohen