Chicago, IL —

Today, cheese-enthusiasts’ minds were blown when Kraft Foods Group, Inc. announced they would be introducing their first ever drinkable cheese. “We’re excited to launch our Probiotic Queso Smoothie. Our consumers’ digestive health is important to us, and we wanted a product that reflects this. It’s the perfect on-the-go drink for cheese lovers who want that cheese fix in liquid form. We’ll have a variety of flavors too: mild, medium, and flaming hot, with more amazing flavors being added later! All bottles are microwaveable, but you can drink the smoothies cold — totally your choice. You may experience some minor constipation when you drink our queso smoothies, your skin may break out, or you might gain a few pounds, but the friendly bacteria is sure to improve your overall health, over time.”

By Catricia, Photo Edit: Emily Sanchez