To: All Staff

From: Human Resources

Subject: Company Leave Policy

The summer months are approaching, and with that comes higher rates of traffic accidents, incidents of heat stroke, vacations involving air travel, and high-risk activities such as parasailing. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to review the company leave policy regarding death.

  1. All employees are required to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice to allow the company ample time to make alternative arrangements for managing workload. 
  2. Notice must be submitted in writing and include reason for expiration, as well as the intended date of demise.
  3. Only employees with sufficient amounts of accrued PTO will be approved.
  4. Non-approved death, or failure to adhere to the above guidelines, will result in severe disciplinary measures for the departed employee’s grieving next of kin. 

Thank you for your eternal cooperation,

Sharon Masters

Human Resources Manager