Norfolk, VA —

In a recent tweet, animal right’s group PETA announced that people just shouldn’t even look at any animals. The twitter, posted June 5th, 2019, dictated that, “Every day, animals are forced to endure the prying eyes of humanity! The act of looking at an animal incites the human mind into wanting to do terrible, awful things to an animal and its environment; therefore, it is necessary that humans just never look at an animal because it completely violates the animal and is CRUEL and POINTLESS. #vegan #animalsfirst”

The group defended this stance with co-founder, Ingrid Newkirk, releasing the following statement: “For too long, animals had to suffer from the peering eyes of the morbid, disgusting human race. It is our belief that gazing even in the general direction of an animal is a cruel act! I know if all of humanity just completely stops looking at animals we will improve all life on Earth.”

PETA hopes this new movement will be the next step beyond veganism and that all people will partake, even if it means forcibly turning people’s heads or putting blindfolds on people. Many have scoffed at the tweet, calling the idea “insane” or even “impossible,” but PETA is undeterred. “We will do whatever it takes to oppose violence!” Newkirk announced, “even if it means ripping people’s eyes out of their sockets!”

By Zach Englund