After her friend’s husband of 19 years died suddenly in a car crash, longtime friend Jessie Sutton offered Heather Greggory “help with whatever is needed.” As the celebration of life ended, Sutton stuck around long enough to help her bereaved friend’s sister do the dishes and give a quick reassurance of, “Seriously, I mean it. Anything you need, just text me.”

Upon exiting the family’s home, Sutton expressed regret at being so generous with her time and energy. “Shit, I’ve got a lot going on now too. It’s not like we’re absolute best friends. She didn’t seem to know what she’d be needing anyways. I mean, she didn’t give me a list or anything.”

Our reporters caught up with Sutton three weeks after the funeral. “No, she hasn’t called me. I guess she didn’t need anything after all. Wait – what the hell? She’s texting me right now? Drive her mom to the airport? Hell no. I can’t get involved with that mess. It’s too sad.” And with the press of her finger, she marked Greggory’s number as spam.

By Emily Sanchez