Greycliff, MT —

Local resident Spencer Depaz was heard talking big despite not being behind a computer. Depaz was spotted in a supermarket, engaging with another shopper by talking a lot of talk despite the lack of comfort that comes from being alone, behind a computer — where no one can fucking punch your head in or give you a swift kick to the shins for any asshole remarks. He was noted screeching at a stranger, “You’re a fucking idiot. Just another sheeple! You don’t understand a fucking thing that’s going on, you retard!” Witnesses expressed they felt Depaz was really being bold by saying this all face-to-face and not face-to-screen on some comment section of a random forum. Depaz was then heard berating another “fat uggo,” and coming to outlandish assumptions about their personal life and backstory.

By Zach Englund