A new Sesame Street clip—a classic scene featuring the Cookie Monster agonizing over his desire for baked goods—is reportedly taking an unusually long time to get to the money shot.

Sesame Street analyst and three-year-old Victor Bofenkamp described the restlessness: “When the Cookie Monster came on screen, I started to get excited. You always know that in two to six minutes, he’s going to tear a plate of cookies to shreds, grunting and growling all the while. They started to set the scene with Big Bird. He had a whole tray of 19 cookies. Oh man. 19. That’s downright provocative.”

But Bofenkamp said that the grunting and growling never came. “After about ten minutes, I started skipping ahead. Nothing happened. They were just talking, counting out every individual cookie, and Big Bird kept coming up with reasons why the Cookie Monster couldn’t eat yet. The poor monster was clearly frustrated, and so was I. You don’t have the longest attention span at my age. I get it, you need to build up tension. You can’t just open with a scene of him stuffing his face. But come on already. I don’t watch this stuff for the storyline.”

By William Boffa