Dublin, Ireland —

While abroad on her third consecutive gap year, 22-year-old American Suzie Sherwood announced on Instagram that traveling has broadened her horizons, while withholding the fact that she spent the last nine nights vomiting in a pub toilet.

The post read, “Traveling isn’t just about fun. It teaches you to live in the moment. When I’m exploring the world [violently expelling stout-colored liquid], I’m not thinking about the past or the present. I’m just living.”

Sherwood went on to explain how being abroad has taught her to empathize with new people and cultures, recalling a particular instance—without going into any detail—where she felt enormous empathy for a pub janitor.

A self-described foodie, Sherwood had previously posted about her experiences with foreign cuisine. “You can’t get Guinness like this back home,” she exclaimed, despite having never once tried Guinness at home. “And let me tell you, Irish stew has the most amazing flavor and texture [when it’s rising out of your esophagus].”

Weeks later, Suzy was seen posting, “Take me back, Dublin!! #Wanderlust,” apparently unaware that going into Irish pubs and getting blind drunk is actually a thing you can do in America, too.

By William Boffa