Prescott, AZ —

“Thanks again for dinner, Mom,” Sharon says while helping her mom clear the table and clean the dishes. “It was great catching up, and the meal was delicious!”

“Honey, there’s plenty of leftovers if you’d like to take some home with you,” Sharon’s mom informs her.

“That would be great! You’re the best!” Sharon says, then walks to the drawer where her mom keeps her Tupperware collection. Sharon opens the drawer and pulls out the first container she sees. 

“What are you doing?!” shouted Sharon’s mom in shock and horror.  

“Huh? Just going to put some leftovers in this Tupperware container, why?” 

“Oh honey, not that one. That’s my good Tupperware,” her mom states while quickly snatching the Tupperware out of Sharon’s hands like the container was her precious newborn baby that Sharon was planning on kidnapping and holding for ransom. “I love you to death but you’re not taking my good Tupperware. I’m afraid you won’t return it and I’ll never see it again. I splurged and spent a whole $10 on this one.”

Sharon’s mom rummages through the Tupperware drawer and hands her a container that looks like spaghetti had been microwaved in it once a week for the last 25 years.

“Here, take this one. It’s old and ratty anyway. It’s definitely seen better days. I won’t miss it since I know you won’t return it. You know what? Just keep it!” her mother exclaims with excitement like she just gave her daughter the most wonderful gift in the world.

By Catricia