Montreal, QC —

Rachel and Paul Turner, who recently introduced a newborn baby to the world, were not prepared for the bliss they would experience watching their Facebook stats grow. “We’ve always equally treasured all our likes from the beginning, but seeing them flourish before our eyes has really been the most rewarding experience,” said Rachel. “I get emotional just thinking about it. One minute, they’re so tiny. The next minute, they’re nearing triple digits.”

Paul added, “It’s seriously too easy. I used to have to work my ass off to get anything close to 90 reactions. Now all I have to do is post a picture of the baby smiling and a quote from Gandhi or some shit, and boom. It’s literally just point and click.”

“The stress, personal sacrifices, and sleepless nights have all been worth it,” said Rachel ecstatically. “Our life has so much meaning now. He’s our little bundle of love-reacts.”

By William Boffa