1) He’s ruining America’s reputation among foreigners, including myself
#This. 50 years ago, the USA was respected. But thanks to this demagogue, America has lost the trust of people from other countries, including me. I imagine that would really suck if you lived in the nation over which he was president, and that’s just one reason I will never call him my president. Especially when you consider that I am, in fact, a citizen of India.

2) He has never once studied the history of my home country, India
As a citizen of India, I would really expect my president to have at least picked up a book and read about the place he governed. But nope. That’s too complicated for Trump, just like it was too complicated for the British. By failing to meet this basic prerequisite, I can safely say that Trump does NOT qualify as my president.

3) His tweets are so embarrassing!
Like, OMG. English is not even my first language (as I am a foreign national with no stake in this government) and I can spell better than you. You American idiot! Get a life! #NotMyPresident #LiterallyIncapable

4) He’s already President of another country
It really says a lot about someone who claims to care about your people, yet is already publicly governing another country. Like, dude. That is against the rules. The fact that Drumpf is already the formal leader of another nation state is a sure sign that he is absolutely NOT my president.

5) I don’t live in America
When you face the facts, it really all boils down to this: I don’t live in America. I have never been to America. My president is Ram Nath Kovind. I blame Trump entirely for this and consider this his biggest failure. The fact that I cannot vote in the U.S. election is a sickening act of voter suppression, one that we should never forget. #NeverTrump

By William Boffa