Victoria, BC —

Bob and Marge Holstein, owners of West Coast Fudgery, have just celebrated their shop’s fortieth year of selling uncredited “world famous fudge.” Bob proudly talks about his homemade sugar candy and its unverified claim to international fame: “We’re a household name. People all over the world know who we are.” When questioned who internationally knows of their extremely dubious “notoriety”, Bob furrowed his brow, thought for a minute, and mentioned “we get lots of families driving up from Washington state” and “there was that guy last year from Switzerland.” At press time, Unsubscribed was given a free one-pound sample of their new root beer fudge, either as a promo or to get us off the conversation revolving around their supposedly infamous/most-likely-a-giant-pile-of-horse-shit claim.

By Andrew Froese