After being captured by ICE agents at the U.S. border, Dora the Explorer was immediately separated from Boots and Map, and placed into a migrant prison camp. Reporters were able to track her down, and now Dora is asking her friends for help.

Do you see that ICE agent? Over there! Say ICE agent!

Very good! ¡Muy bien!

Do you know where Boots and Map are? Dónde está Boots? Tell me, you bastards! I’m very scared. ¡Asustada!

Can you help me get out of this cage? Or bring me a toothbrush? Say, “ICE, no ICING” three times.

Great! Louder!

No one is listening!

Can you say “This is a gross violation of human rights, and history will judge your racists asses?”


We had such a great trip today! I’ll still be here tomorrow! And the next day! ¡Adios!