Denver, CO —

The mood on a GoFundMe page has recently soured, ever since local man Steven Benevento donated way more than everyone else.

The move has sparked uproar among family and friends of beneficiary Alyssa Summers, who created the campaign after losing her husband and facing eviction. “Jesus,” remarked a close friend. “Everyone else is donating 20, 50, maybe even 100 dollars for this woman’s eviction. Then this asshole shows up and drops 500 just like that without even making his name anonymous. Who the fuck does he think he is?”

Unsubscribed has obtained a copy of a message from Summers, creator of the GoFundMe page, sent to the donor:

“You make me sick, Steve. I’m out here trying to raise money for my kid and I can’t believe you’d come along and do something so self-serving. Please take your inflated ego elsewhere.”

GoFundMe released a statement condemning the act: “GoFundMe is about regular working people in the community coming together to make a real difference. We are not about showing off and bragging about our deep pockets. This man gave $500 to someone in need just like that, which clearly shows that he’s not part of the working class, and goes against our entire philosophy.” Later, GoFundMe confirmed they had removed the donor from their platform.