Describing her enthusiasm for more restrictive abortion laws, Beverly McManus, 51, told reporters outside of her local Ann Taylor that she was looking forward to her adult son finally giving her the grandchildren she has always wanted. “Dylan has always been a pretty likable kid, but for whatever reason — he has a real propensity for raping. I just know that some of those girls have aborted my precious grandbabies. It makes me sick.”

McManus expressed her desire to be an active grandmother. “I’m thankful that grandparents can be granted visitation rights. I’m sure the girl won’t want me to be part of her life, but she’ll get used to it. I know the courts will want that baby to have its nana. I just know that when my boy gets out of jail after a few months, he’ll be happy to have a family. Humans probably wouldn’t even exist anymore without rape and incest. I can’t wait.”