In an uncomfortable segment on Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd mercilessly ridiculed Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. “Mayor Pete, I think you may have gotten some chocolate milk above your lip this morning,” sneered Todd. “No Chuck, I’m starting a mustache and goatee, just like you,” replied Buttigieg politely. “What the fuck? Are you thirteen years old? Do you really think you could ever grow facial hair that approaches my hip-guy look? Didn’t anybody ever tell you that you need to hide out for at least a week to start a stache? Otherwise, you look like an adolescent punk,” continued Todd. “It took me years to rock this style. Don’t be bringing this shit on my show.”

The harangue continued for the entire ten-minute segment. Buttigieg attempted unsuccessfully to talk about his rural economy plan, but Todd continued to interrupt with cruel insults about the pathetic facial hair. Buttigieg finally walked away from the interview.

During the next segment, Todd started his questioning of Elizabeth Warren by asking about what appeared to be hair on her upper lip.

By Fred Gailey