Freeport, ME —

According to a reliable source, Marvin Taylor of Freeport, Maine met a man yesterday who was actually the classmate of the granddaughter of the hairdresser that his neighbor goes to. “Talk about mystical coincidences,” said the source. “It just goes to show you. Someone you pass on the street could be your lawyer’s podiatrist’s veterinarian’s mechanic. The clerk you just bought batteries from could be the sister of the mail carrier of the accountant of your son’s history teacher. Some say these things are not mere happenstance, but signs from a universal power that everyone is connected in ways that we really, really don’t care about. But the next time you’re out and about, just remember. The person in front of you at a red light could be the son of your grandmother’s husband’s daughter. However that might just be your brother and you’d probably recognize the car.”

By Holly Love