“I’m planning on being there tonight and tomorrow. At my beautiful resort. It’s Labor Day. A day of rest and Thanksgiving. Hurricanes are so bad. You should see what they do to golf courses. I’m not a person to quit though. My brain says I have a big heart, the hugest for golf. The people want me to play. You should hear them. “Oh, Mr. President, come play here.” They love me. They love me more than their hurricanes. I have a great swing. Better than Elton John ever did. It will be fine. We’ll see. Wait and see. That’s what we do. I tell China about the golf and the hurricanes. They don’t know what to do about them either. Obama and Hillary never did, that’s for sure. Just one hurricane after another. Right over my golf course. I’ve contacted the National Guard and the Coast Guard and FEMA and Space Force. They’ve assured me that they’re watching my resort. The FEMA guys will be my caddies. Fantastic. Great guys. They love me. I’d like to see Sleepy Joe try to golf into a hurricane. He’d give up so fast,” Trump said to no one in particular.