Boston, MA—

After nearly three decades on the force investigating everything from routine shootings to indescribably grisly murders, Chief Homicide Detective Leo Miller admits to being a bit jaded, but says he still has a soft spot for decapitated victims.

“A blood spattered knife slaying, your buried alive ones, your arson victims — sure, you might bond with them for a while. But they always leave you. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way. Now your headless ones, on the other hand….,” says Miller, trailing off mid-sentence and staring wistfully into space.

“I don’t want to sound overly sentimental and all,” he said, tearing up slightly, “but your neck-down, totally intact torso types — well, those are the ones that you just know will stick around.”

“Hey, call it whatever you want. Maybe it’s just me having boyish crushes. But let me tell you, I’ll take one chopped off at the jugular over five of your everyday slashed or beaten vics. I guess I’m still just a misty-eyed kid at heart. But man, those decaps, what can I say — they slay me every time.”

By Joe Lichtblau