Boston, MA —

The world may never know how many lives Joseph Reddy has saved, but it owes him a debt of gratitude. Reddy, 37, is known to some as “Camel Joe” for his courageous, life-saving skill of walking through other people’s cigarette smoke and coughing loudly. But he doesn’t think of himself as a hero. “I just want to spread awareness, ya know? Smoking is wicked bad for ya, and I don’t think some people know that.”

Though scientific consensus has known for decades that cigarette smoking is detrimental to one’s health, and public awareness is at an all-time high, Joseph provides his services free of charge. “Sometimes, I’ll see somebody down the street rippin’ a butt, and even though I’m not going that way, I’ll walk through their smoke and cough,” Joe claims.

A true American hero. 

By Paul Klingle