Houston, TX —

Prior to sharing the stage at a rally in Houston, President Trump asked India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi why he was not wearing his traditional tribal wear. “I just thought that if it was a formal event, you’d put on your feathers and formal headdress, maybe some nice turquoise jewelry,” Trump questioned Modi. “We’ve met a few times, and you’ve never even invited me into your tipi.”

Pausing for a deep breath, Prime Minister Modi explained, “Mr. President. For the last time, I am not that kind of Indian. Not even all your Indians wear feathers, you know.” After the two conversed for a few more minutes, Trump seemed to make an attempt at covering his mistake by offering an apology to Modi for taking away his land. “But it’s ours now. And we’re certainly not giving you any reparations. Still though, a warrior dance for the camera would be nice. Fantastic, really.”