After summoning the ghost of Richard Nixon to seek his wise counsel, Trump was disappointed by his advice. “Patriots don’t await their fate—they make it. Join me. Just quit. Do it. You can throw up deuces in front of a helicopter.”

“NO!” Trump slammed his fist onto his desk, inadvertently squirting ketchup everywhere. “This isn’t what I wanted. I am great and you are not. Be gone Nixon, Nixon, Nixon,” and just like that, the disgraced former President vanished from the presence of the disgraced sitting President.

By Emily Sanchez, Photo edit: Emily Sanchez

41 thoughts on “Nixon’s Ghost Visits Trump To Remind Him ‘They Can’t Fire You If You Quit’

  1. Why are you such haters There will never be peace when you keep hating n complaining…Obama did nothing for country! ..he ruined it! caused riots. hate and did nothing for his own town if Chicago!..the black Americans say it ! Do you VOTE by COLOR,RELIGION, FAITH!!!….??no matters who’s pres..respect them…this man did more for this country .when Obama did nothing. but cause racism n violence….apologizing for america!!! and said on t.v , this country is longer CHRISTIAN!!! HE was and is enemy of this country , so is Hillary!! TREASON….you people are blind …PresTrump will get in again…this country is not use to following the laws of this country ..all this is evil !! Start praying got this country . All this is a set up for Hillary , they do g rv ffg n know what they impeaching him for! It’s all dirty..remember he knows all their dirt, …Did we all root over Obama ,! No one knew who he was !! EVIL!!!

    1. Obama pulled a crashed economy out of the crapper. Every time a republican is in office they leave a huge bill behind! Fact check me please!

    2. What color are the clouds on your deranged world. You sound likeca Whinny Little Bitch.

    3. I’m black and no one I know who is black ever said that. I guess you people are talking about blacks he paid.

    4. What planet are you on? Your the racist. Trump couldn’t hold Obama’s jock strap

    5. So, that thing you said about hate? How’s that working out for you? SMH.

    6. Your report received an “F”. You need to correct all grammatical errors, misspellings, and do additional research to improve your grade.

    7. Wow what part of the bible belt were you brainwashed in?
      You should know what you’re talking about before you go and embarrass yourself with the comments you make.
      By the way, this country was always and will always be a SECULAR nation. If you need to live in a xtian nation then move.
      …..or try Texas, they’re a special kind of brainwashed down there.
      Get educated.

    1. 45 makes us sick. He’s much to weak to be fatal to;.
      We the People😠

  2. So let’s get this straight,

    Hunter Biden works for a Ukrainian gas company and is paid $50000+/MONTH

    A Ukrainian prosecutor investigates the company,

    Hunter Biden’s dad, VP Joe Bided holds up $1.8 B in Aid until the prosecutor is fired,

    But SOMEHOW it’s Trump’s fault.

    1. The prosecutor was fired for not being aggressive enough, at the behest of all of the G7 and the IMF. Try again with your false narrative, but with something factual.

      1. The righties will not win but the narrative will continue without purchase.

    2. Stop reading Republicans’ (or Fox News) talking points and do some direct research from credible sources on your own.

    3. You are repeating a made up story. It’s called a conspiracy theory and a favorite distraction for members of the tRump Cult. Consider your indoctrination complete.

    4. Somebody’s crappy behavior doesn’t negate somebody else’s. They should both be held to account.

    5. A bit simplistic don’t you think. VP Biden did not stop an investigation anymore than you tried to blow up the facts.

    6. What Joe Biden Actually Did in Ukraine!!
      In 2014 Russia attacked the Ukraine and by late 2015, American officials had grown so frustrated with Mr. Poroshenko’s, from the Ukraine, sluggish response on all fronts that Mr. Biden was dispatched to make the case publicly for reforms to the Ukrainian Parliament.
      I’ve checked the credentials of The New York Time ✅ plus you know they are telling the truth because Trump despises them.

    7. You are missing some facts. The prosecutor fired was dragging his feet and NOT investigating appropriately. The money had up by Biden was sanctioned within that current policy. Trump used the withdrawl of aid to force another country to investigate a rival.

    8. Going into an argument without facts is…… you’re an idiot. Sorry. Without data, there is no proof. *Poof* Begone ya ignorant ranting piece of scum. Begone without any facts. The power of christ compels you! The power of christ compels you!!! Shit! I forgot that I need to separate church from state. Oh!!!!!!!! Most of the peeps who support trump are fairly tale believers.

    9. What does that have to do with now . how can you justify Trump’s actions for a debunked conspiracy ? Uneducated Trump Americans !! You’re part of the problem !!!

    10. OMG you’re repeating debunked conspiracy theories. I would try to educate you on how extorting a foreign leader for personal political gain is bad, but you’re too retarded to understand.

    11. So you are committing a constitutional law violation. Let’s get it STRAIGHT


    12. Aside from being wrong about everything, you’re doing just fine for a MAGA apologist.

  3. It will take a blowtorch top get rid of his stink. But then, the White House has already survived being burned once before.

  4. Don’t give yourself a stroke thinking you will be impeached so….i want to see you in prison!

      1. They’ll want to redecorate anyway– so much gold!