Headline By: Holly Love

15 thoughts on “Majority Of Americans Looking Forward To Trump’s Great And Unmatched Prison Sentence

  1. I want to see him injected with AIDS, syphillus and gonorrhea and denied any medication. Then throw his orange ass in solitary confinement once he is sick.

  2. I want to see him perp walked in handcuffs out of the White House, televised on TV. I then want to see him imprisoned, along with his kids and every GOP lawmaker who enabled him, and stripped of all assets.

  3. I want him to be out somewhere there will be adoring crowds. That would be fate worse than death for him.

  4. I want him to live a very long time, in general population, in a New York state prison. No cushy federal prison for him!

  5. I’d like him to be stripped naked and get him on a scale where he is publicly weighed and his height measured and his real financial worth and crimes exposed and all his assets seized and he is let loose naked on 5th Avenue and is shot and nobody cares.

  6. Complete and total public humiliation
    Then prison for the test of his life
    The same for his offspring

  7. On an island in the middle of lake Bakal, Siberia, Russia as a permanent resident.

  8. I don’t want anyone to be raped. We are not an eye for an eye society. But prison? Yes.

    1. Actually we ARE an eye for an eye, murderers get killed, rapists get General population

  9. I want to see him in prison where he’ll be sexually abused. Payback for all the rapes and child molestation he has been involved in.

  10. Only place where he belongs is a clinic for people with a mental disorder. There he can join a lot of people who think there are “stable geniuses” , some of them think they are Napoleon.