Meet young Adolf. He’s a war veteran, talented artist, and passionate writer, with big dreams. In this tragic story, we’ll explore how hateful anarchist thugs from Antifa crushed Adolf’s hopes, leaving him with no option but to take his own life.

No one’s sure why the Left targeted Adolf, but historians generally agree it was out of jealousy. They envy successful men like Addie, who published a book, bolstered his nation’s private sector, and even started an automobile business. These so-called “progressives” would call him names like “incel” and “fascist” and “grave threat to global democracy.” Newsflash, liberals – not everybody you disagree with is a fascist. Meanwhile, Finland was practicing fascism by taxing their job-creators at over 60%, but Antifa did nothing about that.

The SJWs really took things too far once they formed networks around the world and made death threats to Adolf. Some even got out of their mom’s basements and started manning tanks and submarines. You never see Antifa doing this to leftist leaders like Obama, because they’re hypocrites. Mothers should worry that their free-speech-loving sons will be the next target.

Adolf tried to rise above the negativity and stay focused on his business endeavors, but the relentless bullying wore him down. The allied snowflakes started seizing Adolf’s land and property that he had rightly acquired from Czechoslovakia and Poland. Adolf was devastated. Everything he had worked for was being taken away from him. Yet still, for some reason, the Deep State refuses to acknowledge Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Eventually, engulfed and victimized by toxic Leftism, young Adolf took his own life. That blood is on your hands, liberals. But rather than apologize, the liberal mainstream media refuses to acknowledge the truth. Google and Wikipedia claim to be fair and balanced, but a search for “Adolf” shows a very different story that completely ignores the harassment that Adolf received his whole life. Instead it paints him with propagandist language like “racist” and “war criminal.” Well, let me tell you: Many war criminals are actually very nice in one-on-one settings, and they’re entitled to respect. If you disagree with someone, you do NOT need to resort to violence or bullying. Many studies show that the best way to stop bad things from happening is to actually do nothing. Not that liberals care about facts. We must keep spreading the truth about Antifa and hope that eventually, they will adopt the sage tradition of doing nothing, so young men like Adolf can live to their full potential.

By William Boffa

5 thoughts on “Heartbreaking: Antifa Thugs Bullied This Promising Art Student Until He Committed Suicide

  1. Gee that’s just terrible.

    That poor art student.

    And ya know, I believe Charles Manson put it best when he said, “Hitler was a right on dude who was just trying to level the karma of the Jews,” and after all, Charlie knew a lot about karma, Just ask the La Bianca’s. And let’s not forget that Charlie called it right when he hitched his wagon to Trump, when he endorsed Trump for President.

    Charlie knew a winner when he saw one. So when Charlie says Hitler was a swell guy, you know you can bet on it!

  2. Hitler fled the end of the war to Argetina, he was moved away by German nationlist´s ( navy ) to Argetina, do you realy believe that Hitler was going to die in that War ?, the German´s Navy went to Antartica ( Neuschwabenland ) .

  3. Just last night I watched The Cinema Snob’s shredding of Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America”. The Cinema Snob notes that D’Souza spends the whole movie acting as if the left was pro-slavery.

    Similarly, the right pretends that Hitler was a leftist. Well, we know what the right would say about anyone who stood up to the Fuhrer.