Jared Leto has spent his career developing a reputation as a hardworking actor, willing to radically change his appearance for the perfect role. Well, now he’s back, this time gaining over 400 lbs in an upcoming biopic about your mom.

“People think gaining 400 lbs is the most challenging thing about playing your mom, but that’s not correct. Having to dig deep within myself, letting go of all of the knowledge I have gained in my 47 years on this planet…just so I could feel what it’s like to be as dumb as your mom…that’s what pushed me to the limits of my acting capabilities,” said Leto in a recent interview with Unsubscribed. 

As many readers recall, Leto made news during the filming of the project after your dad said it was chilly outside, causing Leto to run outdoors with a spoon. The extra weight he was sporting caused the actor to lose his balance, inadvertently stepping on a crack and breaking his own back. We at Unsubscribed wish him a full recovery. 

By CarolAnn Liebelt, image by Paul Klingle

4 thoughts on “Jared Leto Gains 400 lbs For Upcoming Biopic About Your Mom

  1. Is your dad gonna beat him too and hate you because he thinks you’re gay?

  2. Will there be nudity? Will this biopic be rated E for everyone?… like your mom