Fresh Churned Ice Cream: So cold. Like that November day when I waited in the car so my dad could run inside that bar to see an old friend “real quick.”
Pumpkin Pie: The crust is almost as flaky as my dad was about showing up to my birthday parties.
Jello: Wobbly and unstable like when Daddy was drinking again.
Artisinal Doughnuts: Full of holes, just like my father’s excuse for missing visitation again.
Chocolate Cheesecake: Rich. Just like Brenda, my dad’s new wife. I bet her kids never ran out of toilet paper and had to wipe their asses with coffee filters.
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies: Am I just an unlovable person? Why am I here? Why will I never be good enough? But seriously… they are crispy around the edges and still kind of raw in the middle.

By CarolAnn Liebelt